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Trade and distribution

The department is specialized in trade and distribution of industrial materials, standardized european quality, for the most available in stock. Installation is free under some conditions.

Protection and distribution electric materials

APC® et MGE® - 500 VA to 40 KVAS Uninterruptible Power Supply in stock (superior strength on request), condenser batteries , UPS batteries, plug unit against high voltage and thunder protection (TV, Video, HIFI, data processing).
SDMO® - 11,5 to 500 KVA manual or automatic, compact or sound-proof, with or without gas tank diesel generator in stock (superior strength on request)

France Transfo® Schneider Electric® and Sicame® - High post or cabin Transformer and accessories (Anti lightening, end circuits breaker, IACM, cables, pods…), Cellule MT.

Materials for consumer goods protection

Fichet-Bauche Gunnebo® - Safe, strong and fireproof cabinets. Industrial automatic devices

Industrial automatisms

Télémécanique® - Circuits breaker motor, contactorss, starters, variators, signaling, switches of position, relay thermal, buttons and seers…

Electric equipments

Merlin Gerin® - Circuits breaker, switches, safe and cabinet, ready made pipelines, watchtowers blocks …
Legrand® - Circuits breaker, switches, sirens, autotransformer, cards, switch, modular box, collars and fastenings, derivation boxes


Ericson® - stationary Telephones.
Siemens® - stationary Telephones, autocoms (up to 500 subscribers)


Nexans® and Câblerie Daumesnil® - flexible or rigid electric Cables, naked copper cables, telephone cables, data processing cables …


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