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Elevators and telephony

The department activities carry on conception, survey, installation, and put into operation and maintenance of vertical and horizontal lifting systems and transportation as well as low current electricity facilities. The department is made up of a study office, a scheduling and quality office, a laboratory equipped by test-beds (ex: optic test portable platform, video field measurement device …) and a repairing workshop.

The23 people team achieves works on time and in the respect of the rules of the art in:


  • Supplying private and publics self switch installation of small or big capacity.
  • Supply and installation of telephone equipment (automatic reception, music on hold, vocal box, voice on IP, telecopiers.)
  • Telephonic environment supplying and installation (service of automated welcome message, waiting music, voice message box, fax machines…)
  • VHF and UHF radio-telephones supplying and installation.

Ericson® accredited workshop.

TV distribution and diffusion

  • Parabolic antenna installation for terrestrial or satellite collective TV distribution.
  • Numeric hertzian beam supplying and installation.
  • Conception, maintenance, installation of Public Address System, (ex: simultaneous translation systems)

Security and detection

  • Video surveillance systems supplying and installation.
  • Round control systems and fires detection conception, supplying and installation.
  • X- ray and HTDS imagery inspection system supplying and installation airport control scanners)

Data processing

  • VDP Networks conception, supplying and installation (Voice, Data, Pictures), Pre-cabling to ISO 11801 norms (probate in category 5 & 6)

Elevators and transport and lifting devices

  • Supplying and installation of elevators (24h/24 repair on contract)
  • Supplying and installation of escalators, of carousels and luggage conveyors.

Schindler® accredited workshop

Some realizations:

  • In private telephony: QMM, and BFV-SG headquarter agencies, BMOI, BOA, JIRAMA headquarter, Justice Palace, German Embassy, French High school of Tananarive, OMS, COLAS headquarter, TIKO headquarter, MAGRO headquarter…
  • In computer pre-cabling: BFV Société-Génerale headquarter and ORANGE data center headquarter,TOTAL headquarter, CRS headquarter, QMM…
  • In public telephone station installation : TELMA Nosy-Be, Majunga, Fianarantsoa, Tuléar, Manakara, Ambalavao, Saint-Marie, Ihosy, Fenerive Est.
  • In numeric hertzian 16 Mega beams installation: Toamasina network, Foulpointe, Fenerive Est, and Saint-Marie.
  • In elevators installation: Palace of the Senate, Residence SIDI Ivandry, Building FITATRA, BFV-SG headquarter, ARO insurances, ministries, hospitals, hotels…
  • In transport systems installation: carousel and conveyor and carry on luggage detection at Ivato international airport, Nosy Be international airport carousel.

Certified ISO 9001 : 2015