Elevators & telephony
Steel constructions
Sales & trade




CIMELTA - Madagascar masters the following:

  • Design, manufacture and assembly of furniture and metal fittings, travelling shutters, joineries aluminium, curtain walls, strong doors and safe
  • Design, manufacture and assembly of steel constructions (pylons, metal frame, heavy boiler making, cisterns, tanks, hydrocarbon pipings), general mechanical engineering and industrial paintings
  • Design and realization of networks in plumbing and sanitary installations, fire control, controlled mechanical ventilation (VMC), smoke clearing and air-conditioning
  • Installation of flexible (fitted carpet and PVC) and hard (tilings, marbles, earthenware, granite...) pavements, assembly of partitions (technical or domestic), laying false ceilings, paintings and roughs-casting (domestic or industrial)
  • Assembly, installation, maintenance and breakdown service of elevators and other apparatuses of transport and lifting (carrousels, hoists...)
  • Assembly, installation and maintenance of materials and networks in telecommunication and data processing (public and deprived automatic exchanges, telephony and peritelephony, systems of safety)
  • Design, assembly, installation and maintenance of electric and electromechanical materials on average tension and low tension (power generating units, inverters, lightning protectors, alarms sets fire to and intrusion, control boards...)
  • Trade and distribution of electric and electromechanical materials, communication, alarms and safety
Certified ISO 9001 : 2015